Man erects a middle finger statue for his ex-wife.

Man erects a middle finger statue for his ex-wife.

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Now, we’ve all been screwed over by someone in our lives – whether it be a co-worker, a friend or even a significant other. This particular man from (you guessed it) the United States has taken payback to a whole new level. Alan Markovitz, 59, was just a friendly neighborhood strip club owner when he found out that his loving wife was having an affair. Two years after the couple broke up, Markovitz still held a bit of a grudge. He hatched a cunning plan to get his own back. He decided to purchase the house next door to where his ex wife and partner were staying and put up a giant middle finger statue aimed at their direction.

Now isn’t that a glorious sight to wake up to every morning? It’s just a daily dose of confidence with your cereal.

Markovitz’s actions have taken such a liking in the public eye, that he’s soon to become a star in a reality television series. Now, only in America can you make yourself a star with a statue of a particularly framed fist.

You have to give the man some credit though; you must really be an angry guy to still hold such a grudge after two years. To expel your feelings in such a creative, though slightly inappropriate and crass, method deserves some sort of recognition. He’s probably done more to be famous than all the Kardashian sisters combined.

You’d have to think about his thought process too. Buying a house isn’t a cheap option, and I’m fairly sure you can’t buy statues like that off the rack – he’d have to get that made. Maybe it was a plan so elaborate that it was in fact a full two years in the making. It just makes the feat that much more impressive.