Crazy Celebrity 21st Parties

Crazy Celebrity 21st Parties

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Strippers, pot leaves, cardboard cut-outs, naked selfies, and a motorcycle. Individually, these things mightn’t be all that shocking in the twenty-first century. But when combined for the 21st of Miley Cyrus, they become much more attention-grabbing.

All 21st parties, in general, are crazy. But not many are crazy.

The majority of us would be more than happy with a reasonably-sized soiree, perhaps held in a private function room at somewhere like Ether Conference Centre and surrounded by close friends and family. A 21st should be about reflection, celebration, and anticipation of the future. Typically, a slideshow, a funny speech, an emotional moment, and some cheesy pop songs will feature. If you’re lucky, an open bar might feature at a venue like But, as a few case studies indicate, celebrity coming-of-age celebrations tend to take on rather a more debauched tone. It’s all about guest lists, budgets, and ludicrousness.

21st-parties-parisYou don’t even need to be a household name to have a crazy celeb birthday. If you have any idea who Chanel Iman is, you’re doing better than most of us. Working as a Victoria’ Secret model presumably gave Iman access to the private jets and diamond-encrusted bras that give the fashion world its bizarre character. Initially, Chanel’s reggae-themed birthday party sounds relatively standard – it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you and I to hold one at a conference room in Melbourne, for example. What separates Iman’s extravagance is that, for authenticity’s sake, she flew her friends and family to Jamaica, the home of reggae. Don’t worry, be happy, indeed.

Hopefully Paris Hilton was also happy with her 21st celebrations. Hilton was, for a time, among the world’s most famous women. From rich beginnings came a questionable video, a reality series, celebrity friendships, and a party lifestyle. These elements culminated in the celebrity’s extravagant twenty-first do. Or, rather, do’s. You see, Paris celebrated not with one party, but with five. Not on one continent, but three. She didn’t have a one-tiered birthday cake, but a twenty-one tier extravaganza. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo and London all played host to her Festival de Paris – not the official name – which is thought to have come in at around $75,000 per attendee.

We’re all familiar with the over-the-top celebrations hosted by the rich and famous, courtesy of gossip mag exposes, and My Super Sweet 16. It’s great to fantasise about the over-the-top, almost other-worldly revelry – thought you certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for the post-party cleanup!