Amazing Celebrity Homes

Amazing Celebrity Homes

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The lifestyles of the rich and famous are equally mysterious and public. We see headlines splashed across tabloids, and photographs leaked for public consumption. But we can never be sure what rumours are true, which lies and false, and what controversies we could never even guess at.

Celebrity homes are arguably the final threshold of privacy when it comes to Hollywood. We’ve all seen the remote aerial shots, but very rarely do we get to see inside the abodes – unless it’s courtesy of an approved Instagram shop or a real estate listing. There’s something both tantalising and gawdy about the houses celebs live in, as these examples attest.

Taylor Swift

celebrity-taylorTaylor’s Rhode Island holiday house cost almost $20 million AUD. Boasting eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms – presumably one for each of her exes – the home has not been without its associated dramas.

Swift was wise to employ some serious security beef as soon as she bought the place. Last year, an alleged stalker swam two miles in the hope of breaking into the mansion (and, one would think, serenading the star with an acapella version of ‘Love Story’).

Taylor has more recently attracted the ire of her neighbours for building a seawall that makes public access to the beach difficult. She has the required approval, but locals are kicking up a stink.

It’s easy to laugh at houses such as Swift’s, labeling them as overly extravagant and completely unrealistic. But, as Swift’s abode demonstrates, the core features of a home – in this case large windows and expansive balconies – could as easily be installed by house builders in Newcastle as by construction workers in Rhode Island.


celebirty-rihannaRihanna bought this $12 million USD house about a year before putting it up for rent last November. It would seem that the property lacked the security and privacy she desired, with multiple break-in attempts occurring during her stay there.

With seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and an infinity pool, the home would certainly be a handful when it comes to maintenance. Plus, think of all the cleaning a house like that requires! Nicely furnished, steel frame two storey homes certainly come with a lot less hassle and upkeep than a mansion with a room for every IQ point of its owner.

Even the grass in the picture we’ve included looks incredibly difficult to cut.

Justin Timberlake

celebirty-justinSinger/actor/ex boyband member/ex Cameron Diaz boyfriend/current Jessica Biel husband Justin Timberlake has lived in the same house since 2002. Retaining the same home for more than a decade seems to be a relative rarity for celebrities, who are forever switching between Hollywood, New York, London and any number of other locations on a whim. Most of us would be contented with a good-quality home built by the likes of Wincrest, happy to live in the same house for years – even decades – on end, so it’s nice to see a celeb remain faithful to one property, too.

Not that JT would have any legitimate reasons to want to move. His house boasts five bedrooms, eight bathrooms (why so many bathrooms?!), and a separate guest house attached. Just in case fellow *NSYNC member JC Chasez wants to sleep over.