Our Favourite Moments of the Hollywood Awards Season…So Far!

Our Favourite Moments of the Hollywood Awards Season…So Far!

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The first few months of each year are always among the most exciting for Hollywood. With a slew of blockbusters out and raking in the cash after the festive season, the annual run of awards shows represent a chance for the glitterati to celebrate their successes.

Usually, this is done in a fairly restrained manner: polite and respectful applause, obliging adherence to the norms of the red carpet, and not-too-inebriated after party attendance. 2014, though, has been a breath of fresh air in this regard, with the stars throwing caution to the wind.

What  we’ve been gifted with is a series of hilarious, gif-worthy moments that would usually be more expected at an office Christmas party, where corporate awards, trophies and plaques in Sydney might be handed out, rather than the golden statuettes of an annual gala.

Emmacelebirty-flats Thompson

Emma may have missed out on an Oscar nomination for her role in Saving Mr. Banks, but she’s won a place in the hearts of many this year. We’d be more than happy to gift her with employee awards in Melbourne for being one of the most practical women in Hollywood.

After straining through her red carpet run at the Golden Globes, Thompson gave into the messages being sent by her body. Discarding her shoes and indulging in a martini (perhaps several), the star proved that sometimes, comfort has to come first.

Thompson stayed true to her heel-hatred at the SAG Awards, wearing – shock! – flats. Amazing.

Cate Blanchett

celebrity-cate-sagCurrently the hot favourite for the big Oscar win this year, our own Cate stuck it to celebrity culture behemoths E! at the SAG Awards. Apparently the age-old “who are you wearing?” query is out of fashion, with a bottom-to-top pan now favoured by TV outlets at awards shows. Blanchett, though, didn’t submit blindly to this treatment, calling the cameraman out on his technique.

When she eventually won her award that night, Cate also performed a hilariously suggestive hand action on her new statuette.

We’re sure that when Cate returns triumphant to Sydney, there will be more than a few locals waiting to congratulate her on her performances – on-screen, and on-carpet. Let us be the first to reserve our spot in line: we think Cate deserves another accolade entirely – perhaps something from Noble Awards Sydney – for doing us proud.

Elizabeth Moss

In her breakout role on Mad Men, Elizabeth Moss played a woman struggling to progress professionally in a male-dominated society. 60’s America is one thing, but there’s no doubting that today women are still judged first and foremost on their appearance. Why else would E! have a bespoke nail cam, ready to scrutinise actresses’ manicures?

Moss wasn’t ready to play ball with this particular oddity, readying her middle finger to signal her discontent – until her interviewer managed to cut in. What a glorious moment, cut short.

The Academy Awards are set for March 2. They’re usually among the most formal and traditional of the Hollywood celebrations, but let’s hope that film’s leading ladies manage to deliver some more amazing performances on the night.