Craig Thompson’s Secret Sex Life

Craig Thompson’s Secret Sex Life

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For months, Craig Thompson has denied that he repeatedly paid for sex using a union-issued credit card. However, a Sydney escort has now challenged his assertions at a hearing. The escort, known professionally as Misty, lodged an official statement in court claiming that she met Thompson for sex on about six occasions.

She says that Thompson – a former Labor MP who has been mired in controversy for some time now – would meet her late at night and in the early morning, and would shower before and after sex. Apparently he wasn’t into kink or fetishes, but repeatedly extended sessions to talk to Misty.

sex-thompson-faceThese revelations are not entirely surprising. The existence of brothel receipts bearing signatures similar to that of Thompson add evidence to the prosecution’s case. Misty’s allegations form part of a hearing that could prove detrimental for the one-time union heavyweight.

Of course, Members of Parliament have a history of utilising elite and erotic adult escort services in Sydney. Politicians’ sexual indiscretions are periodically splashed across tabloids – with varying results.

However, while for most of us employing the services of escorts in Sydney would be acceptable, for MPs things are more ambiguous. This is because their income is funded by taxpayers, and this money should, according to some, only be used in certain ways.

In 2010, footage emerged of Labor MP David Campbell visiting a gay sex club in Kensington. In Campbell’s case, some public figures sprung to his defense, asserting that his private life should not impact on perceptions of him as a politician.

Thompson’s case is fundamentally different, though, because he is alleged to have paid for prostitutes, pornography,  accommodation, transport, cigarettes and firewood with a credit card issued to him by the Health Services Union. His acts, therefore, look exceedingly likely to have serious legal ramifications.

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