Surfing Dogs, Surfing Gods

Surfing Dogs, Surfing Gods

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From breakfast TV hosts to social media maniacs, everyone loves a surfing dog. They prompt a wide range of emotional responses – everything from admiration, to envy, to empathy when they occasionally get dumped.

The sport has become increasingly prolific in the last few years, and has seen the launch of a range of products – think surf-friendly toys, leashes, and flotation devices. Such is the fascination with surfing dogs that a number of bespoke competitions have arisen in California and Hawaii. It’s in areas such as these that the sport has its roots, and remains most popular.

Dog surfing is a well-regarded method of reinforcing bonds between pet and owner. Those hoping to challenge their pet to develop new skills could buy online foam Elnino surfboards in Australia – one for you and one for your dog, of course – and be prepared for hours of hilarity, plus a few seconds of

Despite its US base, dog surfing is beginning to expand overseas – thanks in great part to YouTube and social media, which have been key to the expansion of the past-time’s popularity. Those hoping to challenge their gifted and talented canine could buy online Elnino softfboards In Australia, giving your dog an advantage when dog surfing championships become commonplace here.

Of course, not all dogs can be judged equally. According to The Telegraph, one Californian tournament held annually at Huntington Beach determines its categories based on dog size and the number of dogs on each board. Yes, apparently tandem surfing is a thing.

Confidence, duration on the board and wave, and sartorial choices are all taken into account when determining the winner of each category. Going backwards is also an impressive feat that garners additional points.

Dogs have proven their ability to surf on a range of different boards – from wind boards to stand-up paddle boards. Of course, the classic option is the standard surfboard available from retailers like The Grom. But diversifying is always a good idea, right?

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