When Makeovers Go Wrong

When Makeovers Go Wrong

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From The Block to The Biggest Loser, makeovers are a television staple. Generally accompanied by a fair bit of screaming and a dramatic reveal involving a tousled curtain and emotional music, makeovers are meant to be uplifting. Sometimes, however, the intended result does not come to pass.

makeover-antmAmerica’s Next Top Model is a well-renowned source of terrible makeovers, with multiple internet galleries dedicated solely to the crazy creations of Tyra and her cronies. Over the years they’ve indulged in unnecessary bleaching, over-zealous pixie cuts, bizarre curls, and lots of horrible makeup jobs. On certain models, these techniques can work wonders, but in other cases, as demonstrated by this Entertainment Weekly gallery, they prove disastrous. Most of the time, these hack jobs would be quite easily avoidable. Undertaking a Diploma of Beauty in Sydney, for example, would teach Tyra a thing or two about make-up and colouring – and avoid any more of those mis-haps.

There are many sources of potential blame when a makeover ends up being a make-under. Maybe it’s the responsibility of the models to speak up if they’re not comfortable what’s going on. Perhaps stylists and make-up artists are to blame. Some might even blame karma.

Most of us would probably identify the middle option as the most obvious culprit. It’s important that those working in the beauty industry have an internationally recognized beauty therapy qualification. For their own good, as well as that of their customers.

Although ANTM offers a wealth of ‘Makeovers Gone Wrong’ material, the greater celebrity world isn’t exactly void of them, either. It’s pretty obvious from this slideshow that not all make-up artists to the stars have gone to a beauty school like Ella Bache College. There’s no accounting for taste, of course. Maybe all these frills, spills, and overly-powdered cheeks were intended! It’s possible, right?