Political Scandals: What’s Not To Love?

Political Scandals: What’s Not To Love?

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Former Victorian chief commissioner Christine Nixon, who no doubt uncovered a few scandals in her time, has had the tables turned on her.

Nixon was caught driving an unregistered car this week, but has said that it was an oversight – she had failed to register the vehicle because it was new. Nixon has praised the police for their handling of the situation, and in all probability the scandal will blow over within a few days.

Nixon’s transgressions are small fry in comparison to some of the events of decades, and no doubt centuries past. The American president with whom she shares a surname, for instance, was found guilty of much worse things than driving an unregistered vehicle.

Political scandals – the most entertaining of which usually involve some combination of sex, cover-ups and drugs – give the snootiest among us an opportunity to enjoy some good-old scandal. You mightn’t let yourself watch Scandal, but nobody could tear their eyes away from these scandals.

Bunga Bunga

Silvio Berlusconi. Even the name is a little bit sleazy, right?

In 2010, an investigation into the then-Prime Minister of Italy’s conduct uncovered photographs of the man’s now-notorious bunga bunga parties. Involving dress-ups, BDSM, and dozens of women at time, the parties would be hilarious if they weren’t tinged with menace. Some of the women involved in Belusconi’s exploits were as young as seventeen.

In the wake of the resulting scandal, Berlusconi fell from grace. He was convicted for tax fraud, and a corruption trial against him has just commenced. It’s only Berlusconi’s advanced age – he is 77 – that is keeping him out of prison. At least he’s got an impressive libido.

Spitzer roast

It’s always the conservative ones. This story isn’t too dissimilar to Berlusconi’s, though the damage hasn’t been quite so wide-reaching. Basically, Eliot Spitzer – a devoted anti-corruption campaigner and social conservative – was found to have been sneakily meeting up with prostitutes on the side. Ooops!

Mr. President

Arguably the defining political sexual affair of our time, The Lewinsky Scandal retains a unique place in our collective consciousness.

The affair began when Monica was a twenty-two year old intern at the White House. After the scandal broke in 1998 (the ‘sexual relations’ themselves occurring between 1995-1996), Clinton initially denied it. However, he later changed his tune, facing impeachment but managing to clinch an acquittal.

This scandal has everything you could ask for, including an infamous semen-stained blue dress, and lying under oath. Through the annals of American history, the words will echo: “I did not have sex with that woman”. Yeah, whatever, Bill.

Of course, these are but a drop in the ocean of political scandals. To find out about a few more, we highly recommend this How Stuff Works run-down. What do you think, Monica?