Celebrity’s Valentine’s Day Exploits

Celebrity’s Valentine’s Day Exploits

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Celebrities: they’re a bit mental.

Love: it causes people to go kind of crazy.

When you combine both elements, you’re looking at some of the most over-the-top, bizarre and outlandish declarations this side of The Notebook.

valentines-taylorA Swift End

When Taylor Swift fell head-over-heels for Conor Kennedy Рa junior member of the esteemed Kennedy political family Рshe did what felt natural, buying a house down the road from his. A house worth about USD $18 million, that is. As far as gestures of love and commitment go, this has to be up there. Unfortunately for Swifty, her investment proved to yield few emotional dividends. She and Conor broke up before renovations on the place were done!

The property has continued to cause frustration for the singer: a stalker attempted to break in, and changes to the property have drawn the ire of the local neighbourhood.

Will You (Fake) Marry Me?

As their famous annual Halloween party pics indicate, Heidi Klum and Seal Nobody-Knows-If-He-Has-A-Last-Name have never shied away from being over-the-top. Seal’s proposal certainly fit the bill. He flew Klum out to an icy location, where a specially-constructed igloo housed rose petals (presumably freeze-dried), candles and a bed. Despite this uber-romantic start, things eventually cooled (LOL) for the couple – they divorced in 2012.