Prince Charles sheikhs his money maker

Prince Charles sheikhs his money maker

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In Saudi Arabia as part of an official tour of the Middle East, Prince Charles this week donned traditional Arabian garb and partook in a spirited song and dance routines.

BLooking spiffy in a get-up not-too-dissimilar to something Lawrence of Arabia might have worn, Prince Charles was a good sport, joining in the Ardah – a traditional sword dance – with male members of the Saudi Arabian royal family. During the dance, the monarch-to-probably-be was surrounded by a pack of photographers. He didn’t appear to participate in the sing-along that accompanied the dance; perhaps he wasn’t sure of the words.

Prince Charles’ diplomatic trip – undertaken to ensure that the relationship between Britain and Saudi Arabia continues to be a fruitful, mutually beneficial one – is Charles’ tenth overall to the nation, and also marks the second time that he has been there in the last year.

It is quite possible that the prince will be gaining some serious frequent flyer points for years to come, with news emerging in January that he will now effectively share the traditional responsibilities held by a monarch with Queen Elizabeth, who is 87 years old. The Queen is unlikely to undertake many more overseas trips.

Click here to see Prince Charles participating in the Ardah.