Stormy Sydney

Stormy Sydney

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Between half past four and five o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday, Sydney transformed into a chaotic site of anarchy.

Until mid-afternoon, the day had been almost oppressively warm. The sun began to wane around four o’clock, though with the skying darkening ominously and the wind picking up. Beginning in Sydney’s south, the storm moved north-east, largely dissipating before it crossed the Harbour Bridge.

Severe Thunderstorms Hit SydneyBefore long, the flash downpour had well and truly begun, bolstered in effect by the obligatory thunder and lightning.

As the storm raged, social media went into meltdown. In predictably meta style, comments soon began to flow about how tiresome the storm-related status updates and picture uploads were.

Not all impacts of the storm were so frivolous. Hitting Sydney just around peak hour, the storm caused multiple public transport delays. A man even fell between two train carriages and died at Dulwich Hill train station in Sydney’s inner-west. It’s unknown whether his fall was directly related to the storm and rainfall, however.

Flights to Sydney Airport also had to be diverted for about an hour in order to avoid the worst of the storm.

Yesterday’s flash storm continues 2014’s trend of bizarre – and at times tragic – weather events. Although the worst is (hopefully) behind us, Sydneysiders can expect intermittent showers in the run-up to the weekend. I would say “umbrellas at the ready,” but if yesterday’s anything to go by they’ll probably just blow inside out.