Apartment fire: whodunnit? The pigeon or the smoker

Apartment fire: whodunnit? The pigeon or the smoker

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Pigeons are well known for being annoying creatures from hell. Their flocks leave poo storms on you as they fly away. They stalk your picnics and ruthlessly steal your food. And now they allegedly also light apartments on fire.


Granted, the pigeon also lost in this situation when its nest went into flames.

An apartment fire in London on 6 March was apparently started when a pigeon brought in a lit cigarette to its nest on the apartment’s roof according to the London Fire Brigade.

Firefighter, Matt Cullen told the Daily Telegraph, “We believe that one of the birds picked up a cigarette butt that was still smoldering and dropped it into the nest, causing it to catch fire and set the roof alight”. “The incident is a great example of why it’s important to put your cigarettes out fully. You never know what might become of your smoldering butts.

“When we got up into the roof, we were baffled as there were no obvious ignition sources,” Cullen said. “No one had been up to there for a long time and there were no electrics that could have sparked a blaze. We looked everywhere, but the smoking gun was found when we discovered a partially burnt birds’ nest. Neighbors told us they often saw birds flying in and out of a hole in the roof.”

Richard Scroggs, who runs The Old Post Office Bakery nearby remarked to BBC News: “It’s crazy isn’t it?

“Smokers. What can you say? I’m glad I gave up.”