An ear and a penis lost in two domestic disputes

An ear and a penis lost in two domestic disputes

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In keeping with today’s trend of penis-chopping incidents (insert some pretentious Freud reference), a Chinese woman has admitted to chopping off her ex-boyfriend’s penis with scissors after he raped her, according to Hong Kong court papers. In other news, a woman has allegedly bitten off part of her boyfriend’s ear.

Chopped Penis in Hong Kong

Currently on trial, Yeung Ki, 41, has admitted to chopping off 32-year old Zhou Hui’s penis before killing him with a hammer but she denies murder.


The court heard that on Boxing Day 2012, Zhou “beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter”, then “forcibly had sex with her”, according to South China Morning Post.

He had also threatened to post nude photos of her on the internet if she didn’t pay him HK$200,000 for a new car.

She responded by drugging him with sleeping pills, cutting off his penis with scissors and flushing it down the toilet. When he awoke, she beat him to death with a hammer, according to the prosecution.

“Yeung Ki has been charged with murder. The trial will last 11 days,” a spokeswoman for the Hong Kong judiciary told AFP.

Bitten Ear in Michigan, USA

Someone has definitely taken her childhood love for those ear-shaped tuck shop lollies too far. In all seriousness though, another violent incident has taken place in Macomb County, Michigan with a girlfriend allegedly biting off part of her boyfriend’s ear after a rent dispute.








31 year-old Danielle Nebelung was arrested on Monday afternoon for aggravated assault with a bond of $10,000.

According to the deputies who had heard from the 36-year-old male, “As he tried to walk into a bedroom, she followed him and began to punch him in the face and head’. The press release continues: “As he turned his back to her, she jumped onto his back and bit off a portion of his left ear.”


Nebelung faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Have your say. Biting off an ear over rent or chopping off a penis over rape – were either justifiable?