Five Wacky Fitness Fads From Around The World!

Five Wacky Fitness Fads From Around The World!

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Tired of the same old work out at the same old gym? Well, for the more adventurous among you, here’s a list of five wacky and downright crazy fitness fads from all around the globe. Now, we don’t suggest these activities are for everyone, but they just might make you feel better about your own fitness regime!

Spain’s Bossaball. Despite looking like volleyball played on a gigantic inflatable castle with trampolines, Bossaball is an incredibly popular sport that’s been played for nearly ten years. The high-intensity sport demands players use their legs and arms to propel through the air in dramatic style, all the while navigating a grid of trampolines and opposing players. The funniest detail: the match referees will often double as DJ’s, spinning the best in Latin American dance music.

France’s Parkour. By now, everyone’s heard of parkour. You’d have to be living under a rock to miss references in The Office, a Bond movie and all across the media. The central concept is that runners overcome physical obstacles while training in an urban setting. The idea originated with Frenchman David Belle, but soon exploded with interest all around Europe. By the end of the decade, the fad would be popular in the States and all around the globe. But devotees claim that the workout strengthens muscles, improves speed and agility, and helps hone endurance.

The Spartan Race. This team intensive challenge has broken out all over the world, with a series of events billed either under the Spartan or Tough Mudder banner. Entrants endure a tough fitness course, and by the end of it are in desperate need of a hot shower. The workout includes barbed-wire crawls through mud, steep wall climbs and fire-jumps. Originally form Vermont in the USA, there are now races taking place almost everywhere!

Scandinavia’s Skijoring. Scandinavian’s do things differently, but Skijoring is the new benchmark for insane sporting endeavours. The ‘sport’ combines dogsled racing and cross-country skiing in a triumph over logic and reason. The skier is attached to the dogs by a harness and the races are often competitive, requiring the skier to calmly control the sled down an icy slope. Sounds… relaxing.

China’s Roundworm Egg Diet. This one makes it in on a technicality, even though the evidence suggesting its existence is a little lacking. According to a Daily Mail piece, Chinese fitness freaks have been voluntarily eating roundworm eggs in order to facilitate rapid and dramatic weight loss. The eggs hatch in the person’s stomach (!) and the parasite then begin to munch through your body’s fat stores. The fad is, to say the least, stomach churning!

So, the next time you’re thinking about a dramatic change to your fitness regime, consider some of the more out-there options available!

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