Four Of The Craziest Survival Stories!

Four Of The Craziest Survival Stories!

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We’ve all been in physically demanding situations which can sometimes border on dangerous. In most cases, we manage to avert the crisis and go home safe and sound. But in some cases, the danger is so intense and so extreme that all you can do is hope to survive. These are four of the craziest survival stories of all time…

Greg Rasmussen vs. The Kalahari. Briton Greg Rasmussen was a conservationist who crashed his plane in the Hwange National Park. His legs were all smashed up, his radio was broken and he had no water. In short, he was up a creek without a paddle. And after the sun went down, the animal came out to torment him. He was attacked by (in order) vultures, elephants and then the lions. Rasmussen scared most of the animals off by performing drum solos on the hull of the wreckage. After 24 hours on the edge, he was spotted and saved by a fellow pilot. Sure, Rasmussen lost a few inches off his legs, but today he can surely tell one incredible tale of survival!

Anna Bagenholm’s Icy Escape. During the winter of 2009, Dr. Anna Bagenholm was taking a skiing trip in Northern Norway. One day, on her way down a slope, she began to careen off into an icy gully. As she tried to slow down, Anna fell head first into a hole in an iced over stream. With her legs poking out of the hole, Anna was only able to breathe thanks to a small pocket of air trapped under the melting ice sheet. For forty minutes (!) she braved the terrifying conditions, eventually being freed by an emergency crew. Later, at the hospital, Anna was pronounced dead. But after some time warming up, she miraculously came back to life. Talk about a brush with the big one!

Ron Hunt’s Drill To The Head. In 2003, Ron Hunt made the Californian headlines after falling face first onto a huge chip auger drill. The enormous drill bit pierced the man’s eye, moved through his brain and could be seen protruding form the back of his head! Amazingly, Hunt was conscious enough to notice the drill bit sticking out of his head. He was driven to a nearby hospital by co-workers, where doctors resolved to remove the bit surgically. During the surgery, the doctors realised they could simply unscrew the drill out of the head… and so they did. All in all, Hunt escaped with damaged tissue, a lost eye and one whopping medical bill!

The story of Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja. As a young Spanish child, Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja was raised in abject poverty and isolation. By the time he was nine year old, he had been fending for himself in the forest and dining on raw meat. One day, after killing a deer, the child was approached by a pack of wolves. Instead of attacking the defenceless child, he was able to join their pack and live as one of them. For twelve years Pantoja lived within the pack. But in 1965 the Spanish National Guard caught up with him and “re-integrated” him into society. The event was a sensation in Europe, and one of only a few recent cases involving a legitimately feral child.

Spain's Wolfman Howls At The Moon!

Spain’s Wolfman Howls At The Moon!



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