iPhone 6 Prototype Hits eBay… And Then Promptly Disappears!

iPhone 6 Prototype Hits eBay… And Then Promptly Disappears!

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If you’re one of those eBay buyers with an extra hundred thousand dollars to spare, then we think we’ve found the perfect item for you! It appears an alleged iPhone 6 prototype has been placed on the popular online auction site, drawing several bids over a hundred thousand dollars. But just as suddenly as it appeared, the item was removed from auction.

The auction, which began last week, was initially intended to last until early October. But it seems the seller was spooked by some big bidding on the hot prototype. On Monday, the phone reached the sixty thousand dollar mark and later that evening it crept quietly into six figure territory. With the stakes reaching epic levels, the seller, Alex Kantor, unceremoniously withdrew the item from sale.

Mr. Kantor came into possession of a prototype of the phone after an unusual set of circumstances led the item to be delivered to his front door! He had requested an upgrade from his provider (Verizon), but was delivered something completely different: an early stage iPhone 6, complete with a distinctive administrator’s operating system.

On the eBay page, Mr. Kantor uploaded several photographs which appeared to confirm its status as a one-off. The phone runs in a special ‘developer mode’ which is pre-OS 8 and features a red charging port. Thanks to his appreciation of technological gadgetry, he was able to determine that the phone was indeed worth keeping.

“I determined that this iPhone was a version not meant for the consumer market after seeing the software version on it. I am an avid tech lover and I knew what this software was right away,” he told CNET. “It’s actually called SwitchBoard and is only for internal Apple testing.”

In the past, Apple have been hard-nosed in their approach to retrieving the lost prototypes. In 2010, Gizmodo came into possession of a prototype, an act which initiated a tug of war between the tech-blog and Apple’s head Steve Jobs. After years of bickering, the case was dropped for a lack of evidence and Gizmodo were ordered to return the item to the dominant company. Perhaps Mr. Kantor was approached with the same intimidating offer…

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