Aussie Scientists Unlock The Mysteries Of Human Sexual Development!

Aussie Scientists Unlock The Mysteries Of Human Sexual Development!

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In truly wacky scientific news, an Australian researcher has unlocked the mysteries behind human sexual development. Flinders University’s Dr. John Long has published a study which asserts that sex, as we know it, was actually developed thanks to the efforts of ancient Scottish fish. The findings have set the scientific world on its ear, reshaping the fundamental knowledge of our own evolution.

The study, published in the highly respected journal Nature, focuses on several fossil records which appear to show that the male Placoderm had developed ‘genital limbs’ with which to impregnate the female of the species. The females also developed specially contoured bones which effectively locked the male organs into place.

The findings prove our own biological evolution, offering fascinating evidence of life dating back approximately 385 million years. Dr. Long, a palaeontologist by trade, states that the placoderm is the earliest vertebrate ancestor of the human being. “Placoderms were once thought to be a dead-end group with no live relatives, but recent studies show that our own evolution is deeply rooted in placoderms and that many of the features we have – such as jaws, teeth and paired limbs – first originated with this group of fishes,” he told the ABC.

The fossil, which was only eight centimetres long, was analysed by a team of scientists who concurred that the fossil was indeed the earliest known proof of ‘internal fertilisation and copulation’, the miracle that makes human life possible today.

For centuries, scientists and palaeontologists have been baffled by the presence of several ‘smaller arms’ in similar fossil records. It was up to Dr. Long to set the record straight with his pioneering insights: “We’ve solved this great mystery. They were there for mating, so that the male could position his claspers into the female genital area.”

Congratulations must go to Flinders University’s Dr. John Long, for advancing the case of evolution and eloquently proving that we owe a great debt to the humble placoderm!


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