Vintage Apple A-1 Sells For Record Breaking Figure!

Vintage Apple A-1 Sells For Record Breaking Figure!

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The media was today reporting on a truly historic, record breaking sale. It seems that a vintage Apple computer has sold for nearly one million US dollars. The auction, held on Wednesday, drew a frenzy of bids for the historically significant object.

The personal computer is one of only fifty made in Steve Jobs’ own garage during 1976. The items have acquired a cult status since the epic rise of the brand in the early 2000’s. But no one was expecting the ancient computer to reach that significant value. Initial estimates set the item’s value at US $500,000 (as a maximum).

Bonham’s Auction House, the company which handled the auction process, said that the winning bid was made on behalf of the Henry Ford Museum. The nearly million dollar price tag surpasses previous sales of similar computers as well; in 2013, a lucky collector paid six hundred thousand dollars for a 1976 Apple being sold in Germany.

“The provenance on the Apple-1 is excellent and the condition is outstanding, so it was not surprising that it did so well,” Bonham’s specialist, Cassandra Hatton, said in a written statement. “We are thrilled to have broken the world record for its sale, and are even more thrilled that it is going to a wonderful new home at the Henry Ford Museum.” Speaking on behalf of the Ford Museum, President Patricia Mooradian noted that the Apple A-1 was “a key artefact in the foundation of the digital revolution”.

In 1976, Steve Jobs was having a hard time moving stock. An initial order of fifty had been sold through Paul Terrell’s Byte Shop, while several more were produced for family and friends. Amazingly, the A-1 sold by Bonham’s retains its original motherboard, keyboard, monitor and tape decks (for data storage). The unit is, for all intents and purposes, still in good working order.

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