Google Glass – Are We Ready?

Google Glass – Are We Ready?

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google glassA new report by Juniper Research revealed that Google Glass spectacles have failed to capture an audience and as such won’t go mainstream until 2018. Their “slow path to social acceptance” is due to lack of market competition, hefty price and status of mugger bait.

Although Google Glass was publicly released in the United States this year, the study states that smartglasses sales are only expected to pick up after their introduction by other companies such as Samsung and Microsoft in 2015-2016. It says “a lengthy time to market” and a “lack of a key consumer use case” means smartglass shipments won’t top 10 million until 2018.

Google’s spectacles feature a small heads-up display that sits over the wearer’s right eye as well as a touch-sensitive panel for navigation. The sophisticated device connects to smartphones or wi-fi hotspots and delivers notifications, directions, reminders and messages to the small screen. Google Glass also captures video or photographs, however, this is a controversial addition which has raised privacy and safety concerns from both consumers and government bodies.

Safety concerns are exacerbated by repeated stories of muggings of people wearing Google Glass. Software Engineer, Kyle Russell had his Google Glass stolen from him on the streets of San Francisco in April. Just last month Google Glass Guinea pig, Stuart Turton, reaffirmed the spectacles as mugger bait and noted their ability to be lost easily just as easily as normal glasses.

Google Glass became available to the American public in May at a price of around $1800 AUD. Yet Juniper Research reported that sales will not become mainstream until the Samsung Gear Blink glasses and Microsoft’s Osterhout Design Group and Recon Instruments join the market.

Other key findings of the study show that Android is expected to remain the dominant operating system, and visible software progress across the industry should remain low until software-sharing space emerge.

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