NYE – Which Country Does it Best?

NYE – Which Country Does it Best?

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It’s a topic hotly debated around the globe: which country has the best New Year’s Eve celebrations? In the spirit of equality and fairness, we feel obliged to present this discussion of the best international NYE celebrations, each representing an iconic and unique culture. But in the end, which country does it best?Dollarphotoclub_24455504

In Hong Kong, locals gather in the millions to bring in a Happy New Year. Each year, the Hong Kong event brings together the best in pyrotechnics set against gorgeous scenery. Victoria Harbour comes alive with the thunder and crackle of the fireworks, enchanting many onlookers both on land and at sea.

Similarly, the Chinese celebrate NYE in style. Not to be outdone in terms of presenting a spectacle, last year’s lightshow covering the Great Wall was a global highlight. The show, which was projected onto a segment of the wall just outside Beijing, offers spectators a unique countdown experience. And the Chinese know a thing or two about fireworks, so prepare yourself!

In Dubai, the celebrations take place over the Palm Jumeirah, an elegant and luxurious feat of engineering and aesthetic beauty. But that wasn’t their only trick: last year Dubai kicked off the New Year with an attempt to shatter the fireworks world record. In the end, revellers were treated to a fireworks display, which spanned more than 100 kilometres of the Dubai coast!

One method of measuring the international success of New Year’s Eve events throughout the world is by comparing the size of the crowd it draws in. While Paris draws in a comparably measly 100,000 people, London steps it up marginally with a crowd of 700,000. Berlin and New York attract impressive hordes of 1 million people. However, Sydney stands far above and beyond this group by enticing over 1.5 million revellers to its incredible festivities year after year.

5D3_6869As such, we believe this proves that nothing compares to Sydney’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza. In terms of natural beauty, the Sydney Harbour foreshore simply cannot be rivalled. The gorgeous Harbour Bridge and unique Opera House offer the most unique and appealing backdrop for the spectacular fireworks show. Increasingly referred to as the “New Year’s Eve Capital of the World”, Sydney’s NYE celebrations are truly world-class!

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