PM Tony Abbott Was ‘Hungover’ On National TV!

PM Tony Abbott Was ‘Hungover’ On National TV!

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is once again in the hot-seat, after claims that the executive appeared ‘hungover’ on a nationally televised broadcast. A little more than two weeks ago, Mr. Abbott appeared visibly different while engaging in a discussion with Sunrise host David Koch. The sloppy interview has invited criticism of the PM, whose public persona has suffered under the weight of a politically unpopular (and ineffective) year in office.  

Mr. Abbott appeared on Sunrise the night after his staff Christmas party, a fact confirmed by host David Koch. Twice during the interview, the PM can be heard addressing Mr. Koch as “Chris”, drawing a correction from the chatty host on both occasions. In the end, Mr. Abbott was left bleary eyed and red-faced.

In his typically self-serving way, Mr. Koch revealed the awkward truth behind the faux pas. Addressing the PM as “Tone”, Mr. Koch spoke candidly of the event: “I saw him the other night and he came up and he goes, ‘G’day Chris’, and he apologised. He said, ‘I was a bit hungover because we had our staff Christmas party the night before.'” Mr. Koch then followed up that tasty morsel with the news that Mr. Abbott enjoys karaoke renditions of the songs of folk relics Peter, Paul and Mary.

This past July, during an official, tax-payer funded trip to Japan, Mr. Abbott appeared on Nine’s Today breakfast program, once more looking a bit green around the gills. Only this time, host Karl Stefanovic was brave enough to address the elephant in the room: “You look a little bit worse for wear if I don’t mind saying this morning, PM. You didn’t get on the sakes did you, with the Japanese PM?”

Mr. Abbott looked a bit taken aback before pushing on with the truly strange ‘double-speak’ which has become his trademark move in tricky media situations: “Look the truth is, it was a very convivial dinner last night. A very convivial dinner. I accept that.”

Convivial indeed…

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