Beers & New Year’s Eve

Beers & New Year’s Eve

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Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA)

Australians and a fresh cold beer are one of those traditional pairs that supplement each other in a way that few other elements are capable of. Their complementary nature could even be likened to the indivisible couples of Anthony and Cleopatra, Parisians and art, or even shoes and socks. Australians are renowned for our quality array of local beers, as well as our appreciation of a host of international beers from all over the globe. The only thing that could add an exciting and equal element to the mix could perhaps be New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Australians are renowned for celebrating New Year’s Eve in true extravagant style. Sydney’s phenomenal New Year fireworks spectacular on the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is indisputable evidence of this. As such, sipping a fresh cold beer while enjoying the incredible New Year’s Eve light shows on Sydney Harbour is a truly Aussie pastime that is de rigueur for locals and travellers alike to experience.


Lombardia, Italy

One classic Australian lager perfectly suited to a Sydney New Year’s celebration is the full-bodied and full flavoured Carlton Draught. Winner of the Australian International Beer Awards, Carlton Draught is easily one of country’s top original Draught styles thanks to its mild bitterness and refreshing taste. Peroni is a great example of an international beer that has become a staple of the Australian beer palate. Peroni Nastro Azzuro originated in Lombardia, Italy, and is brewed to an authentic Italian recipe. It is designed to produce a fresh, crisp taste and provide thirst-quenching relief on any occasion.

MV EPICURE I’s sumptuous New Year’s Eve harbour cruise includes both of these iconic beers in its ticket for all lucky guests aboard the vessel on 31st December. On top of these, the cruise also advocates responsible drinking and thus features Cascade Premium Light on the beverage menu. This sparkling bright amber boasts of a spicy hop aroma and tightly packed head, ideal for those wanting to ensure they enjoy and clearly remember the special occasion that is New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour.

To enjoy first class views of Sydney Harbour and an exquisite five-course dinner, all the while sipping on these premier national and international beers this New Year’s Eve, be sure to contact MV EPICURE now to secure your spot on this decadent cruise.