Enjoy an Epicurean Holiday Season

Enjoy an Epicurean Holiday Season

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6a010535ce1cf6970c0148c6907956970cIt was the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who taught us – back in 307BC – that pleasure is the greatest good, and that the way to attain this ‘pleasure’ is to live modestly and to understand the workings of the world in order to limit one’s desires. If we were to achieve such a state of tranquillity (free from fear and pain), happiness could be reached in its highest form. We believe that Epicurus was certainly on to something with these insightful musings. Is there anyone, we ask, not devoted to sensual pleasure when it comes to food, wine and a fabulous time?

We all want peace, freedom from fear and less pain in our lives. 2014 has been a pretty full-on year and as we wind down it’s time to stop and reflect, to consider our loved ones, and spend time with family and friends. Epicurus believed that friendship was the important ingredient to happiness and what better way to celebrate 2014 than gathering your friends, family and work colleagues for some happy times on Sydney’s beautiful harbour.

You could enjoy a simple picnic sitting on a rug under the Harbour Bridge indulging in some vintage champagne and cheese. Or you could ring in the New Year while walking through the stunning Botanical Gardens at sunset. Alternatively, you could watch the waves gently lap as the Manly ferry glides in to dock from one of the many bars and eateries at Circular Quay. Happiness and peace in those special moments is guaranteed.

If you’re looking for something particularly decadent and glamorous to enjoy with family and good epicurean-top-imagefriends, look no further than a magical experience aboard the MV EPICURE I, a state-of-the-art luxury motor vessel sailing Sydney Harbour. A perfect idea for New Year’s Eve, this luxurious harbour cruise allows you to share with your friends the most amazing views of the city skyline through floor-to-ceiling windows. To complement the beauty outside, MV EPICURE I features comfortable, modern interiors so you can sit back and take in the views in total style. To enhance your true ‘epicurean’ experience, a talented and professional events team offers amazing food and wine featuring seasonal, fresh local ingredients to suit your tastes. With pick up and drop off locations at Pyrmont Casino Wharf and Walsh Bay, you and your friends will feel like movie stars as the stylish, monochromatic vessel sails across the jewelled sea to pick you up and carry you across our beautiful, glistening harbour. MV EPICURE guarantees pure bliss and an experience you and your friends will love.

The last word, we leave to Epicurus.

 “Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.”

(Inscription on the gate to Epicures’ garden)