The 2015 Summernats Car Festival Revs Up!

The 2015 Summernats Car Festival Revs Up!

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Summernats_(6646579827)The 2015 Summernats Car Festival has begun! The annual Canberra festival, which brings together motor enthusiasts and a general party-friendly crowd, has kicked off proceedings in style by attempting to break the world record for the most burnouts performed at the same time.

Though it may seem pointless and a little bit mundane, the festival has been seeking a sense of credibility for some time. Lambasted by locals who oppose the fast cars and loud culture, the Summernats organisers were pleased to be handed a certificate acknowledging their legitimacy as a motor enthusiasts’ festival of choice. So, this year, they attempted to break an official world record.

Officials from the Guinness World Record’s head office were on hand to witness the attempt. At just after one o’clock, a hundred or more cars lined up to compete in the record-shattering event. Guinness official Chris Sheedy noted that a few cars were disqualified from being counted: “From 107 cars coming in, four were counted out, so 103 is the new Guinness World Record,” he told the ABC.

The four day long festival normally draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Since New Year’s Eve, revellers have been showing up to stake their claim and set up camp. The event offers participants the chance to perfect the art of tail-gating, with plenty of space for barbeques, sofas, and massive, novelty size eskies!

For their part, the ACT Police have been quick to point out their sensitivity to the usually rowdy event. Station sergeant Donna Hofmeier told the ABC that event participants could expect a calm police presence: “We’re not here to stop people having a good time, we’re just here to make sure they do it safely,” she said. “We want everyone to come out and enjoy themselves in a safe and happy environment but we will not tolerate any criminal behaviour.”

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