Twitter’s Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions!

Twitter’s Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions!

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Every year, the folks over at Twitter put together their list of the year’s most tweeted resolutions. In the past, specific resolutions have been shared by users wand compiled into a kind of list. The list, which begins ranking mentions from the day after Christmas, often reveals the most commonly held problems and resolutions out there in society.

This year, English language keyword study revealed that most people wanted to “work out more”. This resolution topped the desire to “be happy” a strange sort of commentary on our public lives. Other entries included “lose weight”, “unplug” and “stop smoking”, all very common resolutions.

Speaking to CTV, University of Waterloo psychologist Anne Wilson noted that ‘self-improvement resolutions’, like exercising more and losing weight, are more commonly broken by those who make them. According to the veteran psychologist, you should always take the time to consider the importance of the resolution on a personal level.

“So if you’re just losing weight because you feel you should, or because you want to fit into that next pair of jeans, then it’s not necessarily going to sustain you,” Ms. Wilson told CTV News. “[The] big picture may really help you to succeed,” she added.

Ms. Wilson also advised that people should only make resolutions which are within their own personal limits. “If you try to change everything in your life all at once, chances are you’re going to end up falling down on one or another. We only have so much willpower.”

In the end, the true power of a New Year’s resolution is in its ability to affect change in the lives of those who swear them. It’s a time honoured tradition which allows us to begin the year anew and refresh our minds and spirits. So good luck to all those readers who’ve vowed to make a change!

In full, the Twitter Resolutions List is presented below:

  1. Be happy
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Unplug
  4. Be the best (at…)
  5. Stop drinking
  6. Love myself
  7. Work harder
  8. Don’t f–k it up

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