Mildura Police Apprehend Two Pairs Of Suspicious Looking Underpants!

Mildura Police Apprehend Two Pairs Of Suspicious Looking Underpants!

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The deadly underpants in custody...

The deadly underpants in custody…

The ABC was reporting on a strange security scare centered around two pairs of underpants! The story began when a suspicious package was sighted at a shopping centre in the town of Mildura, Victoria. But in the end, things weren’t quite as frightening as they had initially seemed…

On Sunday evening, police received a call claiming that a black suitcase had been left in the shopping centre car park, triggering an evacuation of the centre and the surrounding area. With the bomb squad called in from Melbourne, specialists went about the task of determining the contents of the suitcase.

Speaking for the Victoria Police, Inspector Simon Clemence described the surprise discovery: “It turned out to be two pairs of underpants and we would very much like to find the person that fits those underpants. We didn’t even need to detonate the underwear so that’s excellent. I’m sure it was just accidental but if we do see someone running around without any underwear on we’ll have a chat with them.”

The entire area was affected for a little more than ten hours. As the bomb squad was making the six hour drive up from Melbourne, the scene was understandingly chaotic. “Unfortunately because we’re so far away it was about four o’clock in the morning before the bomb squad could arrive from Melbourne,” Inspector Clemence explained. “They have a massive amount of equipment with them and it took that long before we could actually clear the area and let people go back in.”

The event, which “tied up all our police resources for most of the night,” eventually reached a peaceful conclusion, with police admitting they had yet to track down the owner of the underwear. After hours of forced road closures and other inconveniences, the citizens of the small town were no doubt relieved to receive the positive news. Mildura was finally safe from the scourge of the abandoned underpants.

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