Police Break Up ‘Forest Rave’ Outside Of Armidale!

Police Break Up ‘Forest Rave’ Outside Of Armidale!

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The electric forest...

The electric forest…

For those readers still able to remember the halcyon days of the nineties rave scene, here’s a story for you. An operation involving both the New England and Coffs Clarence police has targeted an apparent ‘forest rave’ which was scheduled to take place on property an hour east of Armidale.

Strange as it may sound, hundreds of revelers were expected to show up to the event, which was advertised on social media and in certain social circles. Inspectors from the joint force explained that the initial rave was supposed to take place in Coffs Harbour, but plans were quickly changed. Instead, the rave was set to take place near the Styx River State Forest.

Inspector Roger Best said the event, which was scheduled for Saturday night, was a cause of great concern for local law enforcement officials. “Certainly there were some significant public safety concerns with that number of people in such a remote location with no phone service,” he told the ABC. “Then you throw into the mix the expected use of illicit substances, we had real concerns in relation to the potential for tragedy.”

Police arrived to find a full concert-sized stage already in place, complete with a high grade lighting set-up. A team of twenty four officers then shut the site down, effectively denying entry to those intending to enter the site. Though the stage was built on private land, the permission of the owners had not been sought, a situation which is effectively tantamount to trespassing.

“We set up a command post outside of the area and basically turned patrons around, telling them it had been closed down,” Inspector Best explained. “Police were utilised in keeping the patrons out of the area and turning them around, so they didn’t get down into that remote location.”

Now that’s a truly wacky way to enjoy EDM!

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