Fake Police Officer Target Sydney Drivers!

Fake Police Officer Target Sydney Drivers!

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A police impersonator on the loose in Sydney...

A police impersonator on the loose in Sydney…

In a truly bizarre turn of events, the NSW Police have received several complaints relating to a fake police officer who has been busy targeting drivers in Sydney’s western suburbs. The impostor pulled over several drivers and even confiscated licenses, which were then promptly stolen.

The Police claimed to have received reports relating to two incidents over the weekend. On Saturday night, a thirty two year old Sydneysider was pulled over in Bringelly. Looking the part, the criminal produced a fake police badge and even went to the effort of administering a fake breath test.

“Police have been told the man noticed a white Holden Commodore with a blue light flashing on the dash behind him and subsequently pulled over,” the police statement reads. “The driver of the Holden approached the man’s car and spoke to him, claiming he was a police officer, and showing him what is believed to be a fake police badge. He asked the driver to undertake a roadside breath test. The man impersonating a police officer left the scene, taking the man’s driver’s licence, after telling the driver it had been suspended.”

A few hours later, in Cecil Hills, a woman and two passengers were abruptly hailed down by the official-looking policeman. “The woman noticed a white Ford sedan with a blue light flashing on the top of the car behind her,” the statement noted. “Believing it was a police vehicle, the woman pulled over to the side of the road, as did the unmarked vehicle. The driver of the Ford approached the woman’s car and spoke to her, telling her he was a detective.”

After administering another fake breath test, the driver was informed that she was over the limit. The fake officer then took possession of the license, claiming it had been immediately suspended, and continued to insist the driver home immediately. He then left the scene with the woman’s license in tow.

Police said the alleged impersonator was Caucasian in appearance, and stood about 175 centimetres tall. He was likely in his thirties, with short brown hair, and was last seen sporting dark pants and a blue, black or grey shirt. If there are any other citizens with similar stories, they are advised to contact the police department immediately.


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