Red Power Ranger Stabs Roommate to Death with a Sword

Red Power Ranger Stabs Roommate to Death with a Sword

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rick medina jrIn a weird and seemingly twisted turn of fate, the former power ranger actor, Ricardo Medina Jr, killed his roommate by stabbing him in the abdomen with a sword. Medina and his roommate, Joshua Sutter, became engaged in a scuffle and Sutter reportedly forced his way into the ex-Power Ranger’s room, where he and his girlfriend had retreated to.

Medina allegedly stabbed Sutter once in the abdomen and then called 911 to alert emergency services. Mr Sutter was transported to hospital where he was soon pronounced dead. Medina has been charged with murder and taken into custody, with bail set at $1 million.

The 37-year-old received his acting break as the Red Lion Power Ranger in the 2002 TV series Power Rangers Wild Force. He played Deker in the 2011 series, Power Rangers Samurai, also voicing the character in both the Power Rangers Samurai video game and 2012 film. The actor has made brief appearances in the shows ER and CSI.

To accompany his acting, Medina also worked on the side as a male stripper, posting a host of intimate photos of this job on his Facebook page.

“He was a very helpful guy and great with his dog. It’s such a shock,” Medina’s former agent, Gar Lester, told ABC.

Medina’s character, Deker, was a warrior and master swordsman trained in the art of bushido. He is put under a curse, which renders him half human, half nighlok (monsters of the netherworld). He has a powerful sword Uramasa, which he uses in battle against the red power ranger, Jayden.

Comments in relation to the stabbing have noted the irony of the occurrence saying the actor has taken his character too far. Many people have expressed their belief of Medina having a homosexual relationship with his male roommate or being engaged in a love triangle with his girlfriend and Sutter. However, this is all hearsay and the reason behind the brawl has not been released.

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