Randy Quaid’s Crazy ‘Sex-Tape’ Goes Viral!

Randy Quaid’s Crazy ‘Sex-Tape’ Goes Viral!

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A shiver inducing image...

A shiver inducing image…

A ‘sex tape’ featuring Randy Quaid isn’t going to appeal to too many people. But if you add a generous helping of insanity and downright shoddy production, then you’ve got a viral hit on your hands…

The eighties and nineties comedy star (known for his roles in Independence Day and the Vacation movies) self-released a shockingly crazy video-rant in which he appears to insult and threaten media personalities. The fading actor believes that a secret group is trying to destroy him, and he’s taken aim at none other than Rupert Murdoch.

In the video, a heavily bearded Quaid can be seen in the foreground, while his scantily clad partner lingers on a nearby bed. “I helped media giants News Corp and Warner Brothers Entertainment earned well over $1 billion for the films Independence Day and Christmas Vacation,” he tells the camera.

“What did I get in return? A Warner Brothers exec, Bruce Berman, stole my house and News Corp’s the New York Post continues to smear me to high heaven with a pack of lies. For good measure, Warner Brothers even had my wife and I falsely arrested six times by TMZ. No, for real. That’s really how it works. ‘Hashtag PMC’, police-media corruption. Boom!”

Then things took an even stranger turn. Evi, his wife, donned a paper maks of the media mogul and Mr. Quaid brought it home. “So Rupert, you want to f#@k me? I’m going to f#@k you,” he said while simulating sex with his wife, who was wearing a paper mask of the media baron.

Midway through the bizarre final act, Mr. Quaid interjected one final time, noting that the shirt he was wearing was “…the very same shirt I wore in ID4 when I saved the world – another act that Rupert Murdoch still hasn’t thanked me for”.

Mr. Quaid and his wife Evi have been living in Canada since 2010, hoping to avoid alleged burglary and vandalism charges in the USA. Shortly before his exile, he was also banned by the American Actor’s Equity Union for allegedly abusing fellow stage actors in Seattle.

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