‘Warhead’ Candies Burn Hole In Aussie Child’s Mouth!

‘Warhead’ Candies Burn Hole In Aussie Child’s Mouth!

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'Warhead' Candies Burn Hole In Aussie Child's Mouth!

‘Warhead’ Candies Burn Hole In Aussie Child’s Mouth!

A young Australian boy has had the fright of his life, after burning a hole in his tongue with a ‘Warhead’ lolly. Seven year old Lachlan Canak didn’t expect to have his tongue so seriously burned after eating the lolly, but his mother has made sure that all parents are aware of the potential danger.

The Sydney based family was shocked to discover the potentially harmful impact of a single lolly, posting  photo of the tongue and the offending sweet on Facebook. “I really felt the need to share this photo: this happened after he was eating sour war head candy. It has burnt a hole in his tongue,” his mother Hayley wrote.

The dramatic image has prompted concern among parents, who regularly allow their children to eat ‘Warhead’ products. The ‘Warheads Juniors Extreme Sour’ product contains malic acid and is touted as an extreme candy’. But parents believe the US based manufacturer should be responsible for the harm they cause children.

“Parents beware. My daughter ate this product and this is the result,” one US based parent posted on the Facebook page. “The company went back and forth with me with no resolution. They kept using the words ‘mild irritation’. My daughter couldn’t eat or drink for days after this incident. Layers of her tongue were burnt off from the acid in this ‘candy’.”

Another US based consumer has also questioned the nature of the ‘advice’ provided to consumer. “(My sister) experienced pain when eating and drinking. Only afterwards, when we decided to read the packet, did we see a tiny disclaimer stating that eating multiple can cause damage to the mouth,” the man wrote on the Warheads page. “No one reads/should need to read the fine print of a confectionary item to determine it’s safety for consumption, unless one suffers from nut allergies/etc. I feel that print as small as that, on the back of the packet as well, is unacceptable and something needs to be done.”

Mum Hayley says young Lachlan is doing a lot better, despite the physical trauma. “…It is really hurting,” she said. “I had to blend his food for dinner and even that hurt him.”

Who would have though candy could be so dangerous?

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