The Official Steak and BJ Day

The Official Steak and BJ Day

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steakandbjdayMarch 14 is a day like any other. It celebrates a few notable people’s day of birth such as Albert Einstein, Michael Caine and Billy Crystal. It is the date of the German attack of the Battle of Verdun in 1916 and marks two years since Xi Jinping was named President of the People’s Republic of China.

But just like most days, it also has an obscure celebration which are usually created to raise money for charities or as marketing stunts for businesses. For example, yesterday people celebrated World Kidney Day to spread the message of kidney health and help prevent kidney disease. Today was Financial Risk Day with this year focusing on risk culture, governance and financial literacy

And tomorrow? Well tomorrow is the official Steak and BJ Day – and yes BJ does stand for blowjob. Why on Earth does this have its own day you wonder? Well it’s all in the name of supporting breast cancer.

The premise of the Steak and BJ Day is basically a man’s valentines day. The fellas over at Steak and BJ Day argue that men feel left out, and a month after showering their significant others with gifts deserve a day in return. Aside from the problematic assumptions that Valentines Day is only for women, this day also perpetuates the notion that women are complicated and emotional, requiring gifts, care, attention and money-related items to be happy; where as men are simple and can be satisfied by some meat and some attention towards their own meat.

The site does acknowledge the capitalistic nature of Valentines Day but doesn’t give any consideration to the idea that maybe women just want a man to cook for them and give them some TLC down there as well.

Aside from these gender stereotypes and unequal notions of sexuality, the cause is about punching breast cancer in the face, which no one can scoff at. Steak and BJ Day 2015 is supporting Coppafeel®, a charity dedicated to promoting boob awareness, fighting cancer and saving lives.

The way the site works is that you donate to the charity and they send a customised invite to your partner, with guides included. The idea is then that cancer “gets an uppercut to the face”. If that tickles your fancy, you can donate here. If not, why not just make March 14th a general steak and fellatio day and just donate to Coppafeel or another worthy breast cancer foundation directly.