NSW MP Says Daylight Saving Period Should Be Cut By Two Months!

NSW MP Says Daylight Saving Period Should Be Cut By Two Months!

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Daylight savings is quite the controversial issue these days, with a lot of discussion centred on the merits of the seemingly arcane time-change. Now, a member of parliament from Northern New South Wales has called for the daylight savings period to be shortened by two months!

kirra beach sunrise

Sunrise in the state border suburb of Kirra Beach

MP Adam Marshall spoke to the ABC and discussed his vision for a shorter daylight savings period. “It is an inconvenience for people doing business, people on the land, and people in those border communities, and I understand their frustrations,” he explained. “It’s easy for people to dismiss it as trivial, but for people that actually live through these things it is something that is certainly an inconvenience and I think we should look seriously at trying to alleviate those issues.”

Mr. Marshall believes the idea of shortening daylight savings is very reasonable and actually has a history of having been considered at the governmental level. According to Mr. Marshall, Former Cross-Border Commissioner Steve Toms produced a report which suggested a change. But the report was never publicly addressed by the NSW State Government.

“That report was completed last year, it hasn’t seen the light of day, but I understand that he recommended reducing daylight saving back to its original four months,” Mr Marshall told the ABC. “It was based on a lot of scientific evidence and also community views as well.”

Despite his clear approval of the change, the MP remains philosophical about the chances of a bill succeeding in the current parliament.

“There may not be enough support in the Parliament to actually enact these changes that I’m proposing, but I think it’s something worth investigating and pushing hard for, given we are just about to start a brand new Parliamentary Term,” he said.

For urban residents of the state of NSW, daylight savings is little more than an extra few hours of daylight. But as its effects are being more clearly understood, it appears that daylight savings is an issue with legs…

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