The Wacky Things People Ask Omniscient Google

The Wacky Things People Ask Omniscient Google

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google questionsThe great thing about Google is that no one else can hear or see you ask the silly questions that you’ve always been too shy to bring up in conversation. Google has no judgement or skeptical faces, it simply provides you with the best answers its complicated algorithms can find.

Sometimes people need that non-judging eye to brush up on a few facts they may not be quite up to date with. And some people just want Google to give them simple, factual answers to their existential crises.

Here are some of the most ridiculous questions people want Google to answer.

Is it true that…

1. opposites attract  – somehow I don’t think that’s going to be a yes or no answer

2. if your teacher  – not sure where that one was going

3. you shouted at professor Umbridge – did the omnipresent Google make an appearance in the final Harry Potter film?

5. everyone has a twin - I’m not going to lie my intrigue was piqued wit this one and I did click on it. There is actually a lot of (albeit inconclusive and completely unreliable) evidence saying yes

8. everything happens for a reason – yeah oh wise and all-knowing Google, is it?

Is it possible to…

1. get pregnant from precum – no surprises with this question. The answer is yes but the chances are very minute.

2. have purple eyes – apparently its a genetic mutation called Alexandria’s Genesis

3. be pregnant and test negative – one of those see a doctor rather than googling it scenarios methinks

4. die from a broken heart – there’s actually many people who debate yes, but if you’re able to search it on Google you’ll probably eventually get through that bad break up

5. be friends with your ex - cue many a lifestyle magazine delving deeply into the complicated relationships of ex-lovers

6. miscarry one twin – yet it’s called vanishing twin syndrome and it usually occurs in the first trimester

7. hack a Facebook account – people hack classified government data…of course it’s possible.

8. lose a pound a day – probably not if you’re sitting around wondering all day!

9. fall in love in a month – hey you can’t put a time (or price or whatever it is) on love

10. be allergic to water – what do you know it actually is! It’s a rare condition called aquagenic urticaria

As much as I scoffed when initially reading these search terms, I actually found myself clicking on many of them to find out for sure. While Google is obviously not the pinnacle of trustworthy, it does raise some interesting debate about certain issues or at least make us question things we thought we knew.

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