Tony Abbott Skulled A Beer…Australians Go Mental

Tony Abbott Skulled A Beer…Australians Go Mental

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tony abbott skulls beerTony Abbott’s popularity has drastically reduced over the last year, with the public and the media constantly berating him for his questionable performance as Prime Minister of Australia.

But who knew that all along, in order to receive some even slightly positive publicity, all he needed to do was scull a beer.

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was caught on video sculling a beer in a few seconds at a pub in Double Bay. A coach from the University of Technology Sydney Bats Football Club approached Mr Abbott at the Royal Oak Hotel and asked him to give a speech.

Coach Simon Caaroudus recalls he “walked over to Tony and said ‘will you come over and have a beer with the best players as part of the [club’s] presentation?”

Mr Abbott replied by saying, “absolutely no problem.” The Prime Minister then proceeded to down the schooner in about 10 seconds. Caaroudus reported that Abbott was “proud as punch” following his chugging feat.

The drinking stunt is a definite leap forward from 2010 when Abbott was seen during the campaign trail ordering a shandy with light beer.

Even opposition leader, Bill Shorten gave him some praise for his progress by saying:

“I’m just pleased that Tony Abbott’s learning to drink beer without adding lemonade.”

Abbott isn’t the first politician to use skulling beer as a way to get on the good side of Australian voters – in the 1950s former Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for beer drinking at Oxford and then indulged Australians with his talent in 2012 by sculling a beer at the age of 82.

Similarly, Coalition MP Andrew Laming sculled a beer while doing a handstand at a constituent’s Australian Day party last year. Prime Minister’s – from Gough Whitlam to Julia Gillard – are regularly seen with schooners of beers in their hands, aligning them with the general Australian public.

However, not all responses from the video have been positive towards the Prime Minister – many people have highlighted Abbott’s hypocrisy given that he consistently warns against the dangers of binge drinking.

Many people have also suggested the move was an obvious ploy to boost opinion polls.

One Twitter user posted: “When Tony Abbott is so low on approval that he skulls a beer to try to make himself seem likeable.”

Regardless of whether the trick was planned or whether it jeopardises Tony Abbott’s health advocacy, it does show him as a true blue Aussie bloke who can enjoy a refreshing bevvy.

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