Sunrise Host Samantha Armytage’s Racial Slur

Sunrise Host Samantha Armytage’s Racial Slur

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sunrise twinsSunrise Co-host Samantha Armytage had a slip of the tongue on Friday, when she and David Koch interviewed non-identical twins from Britain. The hosts interview Marih and Lucy Aylmer, one of which has dark skin and brunette hair and the other of which has pale skin and red hair.

In her introduction of the distinctly different looking twins, Samantha Armytage noted that Marih takes after her half-Jamaican mother, while Lucy, got her dad’s fair skin adding the comment “good on her”. Watch the introduction (and notice Koshi’s awkward reaction to the racist comment) here:

Blackfulla Revolution uploaded the video to their Facebook page, expressing disgust at Samantha’s casual racism. The post has received over 1,700 shares on Facebook and hundreds of comments of people shocked by her white supremacist attitude.

One of the top comments on the page is by a woman who explains how her 10-year-old daughter said: “she’s mean! she said good on her for having the same skin as her!”. The mother adds, “So if a 10 year can read this clearly, perhaps you owe the twins an apology. And need to reflect on your integrity.”

Another commented “Maybe she just meant…because she herself has fair skin and blue eyes…still a stupid comment to make.” To this, Blackfulla Revolution replied: “Or maybe it’s a reflection of her family dinner table conversations – probably from the same neighbourhood as Pauline Hanson.”

Others have noted that we shouldn’t expect “intelligent ‘reporting’ from Sunrise”, and others have been a little more blunt and offensive with their impressions of Samantha Armytage.

A petition has even been started on to have Sunrise or Samantha apologise for the comment.

The petition reads:

“Currently, there has been absolutely no press in regard to this issue to hold Samantha accountable for the comment, currently this has just been swept under the rug which is appalling…This type of racist dialogue cannot continue to be ignored in Australia and be allowed to be viewed as acceptable.”

The petition currently has 55 supporters (as of Monday midday), but it is gaining increasing support.

The incident reveals how underlying racism still exists in Australia, and how easily it can rear its ugly head through a simple, casual comment. Regardless of what exactly Samantha meant by the comment, it is unacceptable to let this blatant act of  racism slip through the cracks.

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