The Tale of Two Dogs and Dusty the Kangaroo

The Tale of Two Dogs and Dusty the Kangaroo

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dusty the kangaroo

Lilly, Rosie and Dusty the kangaroo

A farm in Wittenoom Hills, near Esperance in Western Australia has an interesting collection of pets on their property: a golden retriever called Lilly, a border collie named Rosie, and a kangaroo called Dusty.

Ashley Stewart rescued the joey after its mother was killed in a car accident.

“We weren’t sure he would even survive but we fed him and of course he’s just taken off from there,” said Stewart.

Dusty’s domestic behaviour and his close relationship with Lilly and Rosie demonstrate that the kangaroo is convinced he is a dog.

“He lives on the back patio. We’ve actually had to go and buy a third dog bed for him to sleep in because he used to pinch one of the beds from the dogs.”

“He thinks Lilly is his mum, he’s always grooming her, they’re always together and if Lilly goes out of the yard he pines for her and sort of hops up and down the fence until he’s let out to go with her.”

Mr Stewart said Dusty even wears a collar like the other two dogs.

“When he was little we let him out during the day and then we’d get him at night and lock him back up in the backyard and we couldn’t find him because they don’t make any noise and they just sit very still so I’d have to go out in the dark with a torch.

“So I got a collar and I put some reflective tape on it so it would shine out in the torch light and I could find him.”

Kangaroos and Wallabies Aren’t an Uncommon Pet

wally the wallaby

Wally the wallaby

This story has triggered a stream of photos and stories from people who have had kangaroos or wallabies as a form of pet.

Suzie Nellist said Wally the wallaby used to live with her until he found a girlfriend. But he still returns every now and then to say hello and watch a bit of telly.

Samatha Wills has had a kangaroo for 9 months and describes him as “the most adorable loving guy.”

Shannan Parker’s dog and kangaroo are best mates and Karel Foster says her kangaroo and dog are inseparable – they even sleep with each other every night.

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