Samsung Takes A Pro-Active Approach To Re-Calling Faulty Machines

Samsung Takes A Pro-Active Approach To Re-Calling Faulty Machines

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Samsung's responsible approach...

Samsung’s responsible approach…

The consumer electronics company, Samsung, has taken a truly pro-active approach to guaranteeing the safety of its many customers. Thousands of the company’s washing machines were recalled more than two years ago, after it was found that the units could potentially spark fires.

Last week, two New South Wales residents were stunned to learn that their Samsung washing machines were faulty. Without warning, their machines released smoke, overheated and even caught fire. Since then, the multi-national electronics company has taken significant steps to remedy the situation.

Reportedly, over 80,000 faulty machines remain on the market. Samsung notes that 144,450 machines were assessed as being potentially faulty, but that only 61,000 of those machines have been repaired since the urgent and public recall.

Australian VP of consumer electronics, Phil Newton, told the ABC that the company’s priority was the safety of the Australian consumer, not the reputation of their faulty products.

“Our responsibility and our desire is the safety of Australians, it’s our number one priority and we won’t rest until every single one of these has been taken care of and dealt with,” he said.

What followed was a period of consultation with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), who had initially drawn the manufacturer’s attention to the fault.

“We spent millions in advertising to try and drive awareness,” Mr Newton explained. “I guess people just lead really busy lives and for lots of different reasons, people don’t check these details.”

The NSW commissioner of fair trading, Rod Stowe, has advised the public that these machines do indeed pose a quantifiable risk.

“There have been several fires here in New South Wales, some in recent weeks … this is not a theoretical problem, this is a very urgent issue that people need to attend to. We’re urging consumers with Samsung washing machines to check the model number and their appliance and to contact Samsung if it’s one of the six affected by the national recall.”

Consumers can visit this website to see if their model has been recalled. Samsung advises that units will either be replaced, repaired and in some cases may even attract a refund.

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