Woman Recycles Apple A-1 Computer: San Francisco Recycling Plant Sells It For $200,000!

Woman Recycles Apple A-1 Computer: San Francisco Recycling Plant Sells It For $200,000!

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The Apple A-1: the foundation of modern computing.

The Apple A-1: the foundation of modern computing.

A San Francisco-based recycling company has been pleasantly surprised by an unimaginable turn of events. According to representatives of CleanBayArea recycling, an anonymous woman dropped off an incredibly rare Apple-1 computer! The computer is one of only a few hundred Apple-1’s, the first-ever Apple computer. In the end, the item was auctioned off for a whopping $200,000!

The mysterious lady, aged between 60-70, dropped a few boxes of mixed waste at the centre based in Milpitas, CA. According to workers at the depot, the lady said her husband had passed away and she was clearing out some of his belongings. In the garage, she had come across the old computer; but she did not recognise its true value.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes, we thought it was fake. It was real,” Victor Gichun, CleanBayArea’s vice president, told NBC news.

The late-April drop-off was witnessed by many employees, who claim that they could remember the lady if they ever saw her again.

“I remember her,” Mr. Gichun advised the media. “To prove who she is, I just need to look at her.”

Designed during the seventies by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the A-1 initially retailed for a then-huge $666.66. Since the explosion of interest in Apple products, the fabled start-up computer has gone on to become one of the most collectible IT-based items in the world.

Although not the most practical computer in the modern age, this collector’s item holds a huge amount of nostalgia for computer-lovers and it represents a crucial step in the progress of modern computing.


Last year, a similar computer (in full working condition) was auctioned off for over $900,000, a record figure for the rare object.

Employees and representatives of the recycling facility have advised the woman to contact their offices in order to claim her half of the proceeds from the sale, a figure that adds up to around $100,000. For her sake, we hope she manages to take notice of the news pieces and coverage surrounding the surprise find!

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