Darwin Man Posts Pictures Of Road-Revenge On Facebook!

Darwin Man Posts Pictures Of Road-Revenge On Facebook!

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A 29 year old Darwin man was charged with criminal damage to a vehicle and other offences after posting a controversial photo on Facebook. In the image, the young man has parked his large four wheel drive vehicle in the middle of a rival’s vehicle. According to police, a love triangle was responsible for the brazen happy snap.

The scene of the crime...

The scene of the crime…

The man, who is still on his learner licence, posted an image of his gigantic vehicle crushing a black sedan. Two images showed the man defiantly breaking his enemy’s windows, a disturbing image considering the fact that it all took place in suburban Darwin.

The images were posted to a Facebook forum for motor enthusiasts, drawing a host of both supportive and critical comments from the man’s friends and relatives. “You’ve just downgraded her in front of the whole of social media … I thort [sic] you were more mature than this,” one observer wrote. “[Facebook is] always great for a one sided story … great job mate jumping the gun and bad mouthing people without solid proof,” another read.

While the images were being posted – at around 10am – those watching the events unfold in the forum advised the young man to exercise caution and to reconsider his actions. Before too long, it seemed the police had caught up with the clearly unsafe driver.

Northern Territory Police have charged the man with criminal damage to property, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without visible ‘L’ plates and driving without a valid license holder. A court appearance has been set, with both parties expected to front court in early July.

Though the incident may seem funny (at a glance), it seems that this story has a lot to teach people about the appropriate uses of social media. Instead of considering the fact that the pictures implicated him in the commission of a crime, the man was more concerned about sharing his exploits with pals online. And that’s not particularly savvy behaviour from a man who was so blatantly flouting the law.

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