UK Man Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Save Greece!

UK Man Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Save Greece!

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A simplistic solution to a real problem?

A simplistic solution to a real problem?

In a move that’s sure to affect global economics, a British shoe store worker has put forward his own solution to the Greek debt crisis: crowdfunding. Thom Feeney has started a campaign on website IndieGoGo, a sit aimed at sourcing funds from the public. But will this idea make any difference?

So far, more than thirteen thousand generous people have donated to the campaign, but they’re still a little short of the one and a half billion Euro total. Still, Mr. Feeney is well-intentioned, if not ultra-realistic.

“Watching politicians going round in circles and dithering somewhat with making a decision on Greece, I just thought, I think it just needs someone to step in and sort it,” he told the UK media. “I think the people of Europe can do that much quicker than the politicians can … The amount that we need per person is only 3.19 euros per citizen of the EU, so it’s just a small amount.”

When asked whether he had any personal connection with Greece, Mr. Feeney responded: “I just thought perhaps a better way to help would be to do something immediately. I hope it can reach the total. It would be fantastic if it could. Regardless, it has made a bit of a statement that real people do care about other people across Europe.”

But has it really? Is Mr. Feeney being disingenuous in his attempts to solve a massive problem with many causes and potential ramifications? To some, the publicity stunt is little more than a grandiose kind of ‘selfie’. In truth, Mr. Feeney’s opinions are facile to the point of ridiculousness. Consider this pearl of wisdom: “It would be lovely if we could find a way for people’s donations to still count and go towards something — perhaps some kind of initiative to help Greek people get into work or sell produce abroad.”

It certainly would be lovely, Thom.

But the world is a complicated place and crowdfunding a vast economic band-aid is perhaps little more than an internet daydream.

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