Which NSW Suburb has the Highest Rate of Diabetes?

Which NSW Suburb has the Highest Rate of Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a major health issue. More and more Australians suffer with the disease, a statistical factor that is evident in major public health studies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rate of diabetes has exponentially increased across the nation. A 2007-08 survey showed that the rate had risen to 3.8% of the population, up 1.4% since 1995.

Recent analysis by Diabetes New South Wales has revealed the extent of the problem within the NSW area. According to recent studies, the prevalence of diabetes can be tracked across different suburbs in the city, with socio-economic factors playing a significant role in numbers.

The data shows that Sydney’s Blacktown tops the list for the largest percentage of residents with diabetes, followed closely by residents in Port Macquarie and Dubbo. Diabetes NSW CEO Sturt Eastwood suggests that the high rates of diabetes in Dubbo can perhaps be explained by socio-economic situations and limitations.

“We do have health literacy issues as we move west in New South Wales” Mr. Eastwood explained. “We also have a large indigenous population, unfortunately Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are three times more likely to develop type two diabetes.”

The larger rise in the statistical representation of those with diabetes is, according to the CEO, attributable in some way to increasing community awareness of the symptoms and causes of both types of diabetes. As a result, more Australians are getting regular check-ups, taking more effective medications and altering their diet and lifestyle.

“It’s a condition that slowly gets worse and at a point in time we say you now have diabetes” Mr. Eastwood explained. “But if you’re doing the right things and these are fundamentally lifestyle issues, so eat more healthier, move more and that can in fact delay or prevent type two diabetes.”

For more information about diabetes, visit http://diabetesnsw.com.au/. There you’ll find many resources and information about how to prevent, manage and identify diabetes. By keeping yourself and your community informed about this common disease, you could help reduce the rates of Diabetes in your area.

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