New Study Reveals That Working Too Hard Can Kill You!

New Study Reveals That Working Too Hard Can Kill You!

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Don't let it get to you...

Don’t let it get to you…

A new study has revealed that working too hard can kill you! According to an article published in The Lancet, working more than 55-hours a week significantly increases your risk of suffering a fatal stroke. Researchers say other factors can also combine to create a deadly mix of work, stress and poor health.

The researchers, led by the University College London’s Professor Mika Kivimäki, synthesised the results of several long-term studies consulting more than six hundred thousand men across the EU, the US and even Australia. Their studies revealed a trend in public health: those who worked more than 55-hours per week were 33 per cent more likely to suffer a stroke.

“Pooling of all available studies on this topic allowed us to investigate the association between working hours and cardiovascular disease risk with greater precision than has previously been possible,” Prof. Kivimäki told the ABC. With significant effort, the team was able to combine the results of the expansive studies and create a cogent breakdown of a peculiarly modern social problem.

After more intense scrutiny, the team also revealed that working beyond 55-hours accounted for a 13 per cent increase in the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease. “Our findings suggest that more attention should be paid to the management of vascular risk factors in individuals who work long hours,” the team wrote.

Despite its leading inference, the paper also asserts that other factors (stress, lifestyle choice and high alcohol consumption) may contribute to an increased risk of stroke. Speaking to the ABC, University of Adelaide Professor Dino Pisaniello highlighted the need for action addressing these particular risk factors. “Long working hours is a proxy for other risk factors, which may be more common in workers of low socio-economic status,” explained Prof. Pisanello. “The [study] should provide a stimulus for workplaces and regulators to re-examine long working hours and in particular, long periods of physical inactivity for men in lower paid jobs.”

So it seems there are some virtues to the standard 35 to 40 hour workweek!

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