Nyngan’s ‘Big Bogan’ Statue Nears Installation!

Nyngan’s ‘Big Bogan’ Statue Nears Installation!

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An "artist's" rendering of the statue...

An “artist’s” rendering of the statue…

Here’s a funny story about making lemonade out of lemons. The town of Nyngan just outside Dubbo in regional New South Wales has officially notified the media that their proposed ‘Big Bogan’ statue will indeed be commissioned and installed. The statue, which celebrates the name of the local Bogan Shire Council, will take the form of a man with a mullet, wearing shorts and a singlet, and carrying a fishing rod.

Initially approved by the council months ago, many within the local community voiced their concerns about the publicity stunt aimed at boosting regional tourism in the area. According to some locals, the inference of the term ‘bogan’ was negative, and they didn’t want their communities associated with the arguably offensive word.

But local mayor Ray Donald has pushed ahead with the plans to erect the statue in the middle of the town’s central business district. The ebullient mayor says the statue will be finished as early as this month.

“We wanted to have car parking there, we wanted to make sure it can be seen by traffic going both ways, so that’s why it’s in the centre of town,” the Mayor explained to the ABC. “It’s not on the main highway through town which is on the other side of the railway line, but if we had it over there, the risk was people would just have their photo taken and not come near the shops. So we’re quite satisfied it’s in the best position possible.”

The council has been inundated with offers from local vendors hoping to cash in on the PR event. Indeed, the council reserves the right to make sure that local sellers co-operate with their vision of a tasteful cultural event. “We’re just asking businesses to approach us to tell us what they’re wanting to reproduce, so that we can keep a handle on uniformity and make sure what is sold in these outlets,” Mayor Donald adds.

Would you consider donning a pair of stubbies and an akubra to visit Nyngan’s bogan?

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