South Sydney Rabbitohs Star Greg Inglis Reveals Secret Father’s Day Surprise!

South Sydney Rabbitohs Star Greg Inglis Reveals Secret Father’s Day Surprise!

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A truly unique gift...

A truly unique gift…

On Father’s Day, South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL star Greg Inglis made a candid admission via social media. The team captain and much-loved footy player took to Instagram to reveal that he had secretly fathered a son, Riley. The school-age child was conceived during a break from his current partner, a factor in Mr. Inglis’ decision to keep the child’s identity secret. But now, the loving father has come clean for the sake of his child.

In the Instagram post, Mr. Inglis described the situation to his legions of social media followers. “During a well publicised break in 2009 from my beautiful partner Sally, who is now my lovely wife, I briefly reconnected with my high school sweet heart,” the player wrote. “The result being this awesome and outgoing boy named Riley.”

Mr. Inglis explained that the child was kept out of the spotlight on account of his mother’s desire for privacy and respect. “But now that he has started school, we need Riley to know that I’m proud to call him my son,” the star-player wrote online, prompting waves of support and admiration.

In a code often dominated by negative headlines stemming from bad behaviour, Mr. Inglis’ heart-warming story and admission has been welcomed as a much-needed call to arms. It also bolsters the NRL’s reputation as a family-oriented sport aimed at parents and children, a reputation that has been muddied in recent years by on-and-off field antics by many of its star players.

“I hope all you dads out there who read this and know they can do better, stand up and be the best father you can be to your child/children,” Mr. Inglis wrote. “Hope all Dads out there have a great Father’s Day.”

Oddly, in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, Mr. Inglis had been nominated for the Philips Sports Dad of the year competition. In the online profile associated with the promotion, Mr. Inglis does not mention Riley at all. “Every moment I spend with my little man Nate is the most precious part of my day,” the player is quoted as saying.

Now it seems the story is finally complete.

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