Zoo Weekly To Cease Being Published: Somewhere In Hell, A Demon Sheds A Tear

Zoo Weekly To Cease Being Published: Somewhere In Hell, A Demon Sheds A Tear

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Tough retail conditions have claimed yet another high-profile corporate scalp, with Bauer Media confirming their intention to cease publishing the controversial male-oriented magazine Zoo Weekly. The publication has been faltering in recent years, with a dwindling readership and meagre bottom line.

In an online statement, Bauer CEO David Goodchild expressed regret at having to axe the magazine. “Bauer has made the call to close Zoo’s operations. I would like to thank the teams here at Bauer, as well as the advertisers and retailers who have supported the brand,” he said. Echoing that sentiment, associate publisher Ewen Page suggested the decision had very little to do with the atrociously low merits of the publication.

“The staff has done a great job on Zoo Weekly over the years and I commend their work and thank them for their dedication and effort. It is not an easy decision to close a magazine and we have certainly considered all options before coming to this conclusion.”

From October 12, Zoo Weekly’s websites and print platforms will cease to operate, a fact that has been welcomed by some within the broader community. Decried as a patently sexist publication, the magazine ran into more than its fair share of controversy, publishing articles and pictures that were scandalous at best.

Below, we present a few of the magazines ‘greatest hits’ (or misses, depending on your point of view)…
•   Photo-shopping Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s head onto the body of a scantily clad lingerie model.
•    Shooting a controversial series of pictures with Julia Gillard’s step-daughter on the same week she took office.
•    Offering readers the chance to win a divorce.
•    Offering readers the chance to win a ‘time machine’ (it ended up being a clock).
•    Offering readers the chance to ‘win a boob job’ for their partners.
•    Offering readers the chance to win ’72 Virgins’ (the Boris Johnson book).
•    Their disrespectful and hugely offensive “Breast we forget” Anzac Day ‘tribute’.
•    The Mary MacKillop-inspired photo shoot featuring a lingerie model in place of the religious figure.

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